About Me

I’m Marcel Mutsindashyaka, a technology executive with over a decade of experience in cybersecurity. I’ve held leadership positions at Oberlin College, the University of Cincinnati Foundation, and Savage Blockchain Technology, where I spearheaded various technology transformation initiatives.

As the CIO at Oberlin College, I’m responsible for overseeing all technology-related initiatives, including information security and end-user and systems support.

I’m passionate about mentorship and established a program to address the cybersecurity skills shortage in the US. My program brings together seasoned experts to guide aspiring professionals, particularly underrepresented minorities interested in transitioning to a cybersecurity career.

I’m also an entrepreneur and founded Umuseke Information Technology, a social enterprise and IT consulting firm that became the second most popular news corporation in Rwanda with millions of readers. The initiative contributed to peace-building and reconciliation after the genocide, and I offered various IT consulting services to self-finance the media program.

I hold multiple graduate degrees and industry certifications, including CISSP, Sec+ and ITILv4. My dedication to the industry has been recognized with honors and awards, including the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Fulbright Scholar, and Yale World Fellow.

I’m committed to making the digital world a safer and accessible for all by promoting diversity and inclusion in the technology industry and sit on boards for various organizations.